Chapter Officers

Regent: Diane Martin Donnelly
Vice Regent: Catherine Heberley
Chaplain: Lori Heim
Recording/Corresponding Secretary: Kris Kohl
Treasurer: Kellianne Mayer
Registrar: Jane Engleman

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Diane Martin Donnelly
Chapter Regent
Catherine Heberley
Vice Regent
Jane Engleman
Chapter Registrar
Kelli Mayer
Chapter Treasurer
Lori Heim
Chapter Chaplain

                                            Chapter History                                                                                   

The Moorestown Chapter was organized on 5 July 1917. The meeting was held at the home of Miss Mary McKeen, who was afterward made honorary organizing regent.  The Vice Regent was Mrs. Emmerette Sooy. The chapter was named after Moorestown, New Jersey, which is in Burlington County. Moorestown is filled with Revolutionary War sites and history with its involvement in the American Revolution.

The Moorestown Chapter combined with the Isaac Burroughs Chapter in April 2009 and became the Moorestown-Isaac Burroughs Chapter until December 2016, when the chapter went back to The Moorestown Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.